Thursday, May 29, 2008

Can of worms

My dad didn't like to travel, just because getting there was such a hassle. He used to say, "If a giant hand could only just pick me up and put me there..."

I think I have inherited his temperament. Everyone else in my family has traveled more than I have. My sister Katie, the left-winger, once trekked solo through the Middle East. Well, she hit Turkey, I remember that. So I like to make it sound as if she did the whole Middle East. But still, impressive. She has also been to Africa but that was with her husband. My brother George is an encyclopedia of cheap flights. Even my mom keeps her passport current because hey, you never know.

But me? I'm lost!! Today I have already blown something like an hour on the Internet trying to figure out what to do for San Diego this weekend. I want to go to San Diego and see Leonard Pennario. I have stuff I want to ask him and besides, I just feel I have to see him. I am like Daedalus drawn toward the sun. Unfortunately with the travel arrangements I am more like Icarus. I am afraid I will get burned!

Your head starts swimming, trying to figure this stuff out.

I was on Hotels dot com. They hype these supposed last-minute deals. You get to the end of the process and guess what? That flight they listed isn't available. They give you another bunch of options, the cheapest of which would add $600 to your "low price."

Travelocity is a different can of worms. This time it's the hotel that disappears at the last minute. You're ready to seal the deal -- I was -- and oops! You know what? That hotel just sold out! Go back to start!

Speaking of worms, did I ever tell about the time I found one on the carpet of my apartment last winter in San Diego? That was so disgusting! I think it was the most disgusting experience I have ever had in my life. All I could think was this worm washed in under my sliding patio doors. This native San Diegan, this guy who showed up to fix my electrical outlet, thought so too.

Ugh!!! I called Howard and told him about it. "This is the grossest thing that ever happened to me in my life," I wailed.

Howard is always calm. I love that about him. He said, "It's just a worm. They're cute. They're harmless. You probably carried it on your shoe all the way from Buffalo." That made me laugh, but I couldn't shake that grossed-out feeling.

I went to see Pennario. "Leonard!!" I cried. "The worst thing happened to me! I found a worm on my living room carpet!"

Leonard exclaimed: "UGH! How awful!! That is the grossest thing I have ever heard about in my life!!!"

I loved that, too. Sometimes you just want sympathy. Now, trying to work out my travel arrangements, is one of those times.

I wonder if I could get Leonard to move to Buffalo.

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