Sunday, May 24, 2009

I married a nut

Last night I took pictures of Howard relaxing on the lawn at Big Blue, our property on Delaware Avenue. There he is above enjoying a late-night cigar.

Remember, that is the ashtray I scored at the Hinzes' garage sale.

Another view which shows our Pink Flamingo, which turned out to be a present from neighbors across the street at Homeland Security.

Here is a picture looking south down the avenue toward Niagara Square.

We paid an arm and a leg at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society to get pictures of Big Blue as it used to look so here is one. Big Blue is directly behind the tree in the middle of the picture.

How times have changed! Now Big Blue stands alone. Here it is the other day when Howard was getting stuff delivered.

Michael Gainer and company from Buffalo Reuse delivering 600 pound stone fireplace mantel yesterday.

Now it is time to stop thinking about Big Blue and go back to thinking about Leonard Pennario. Very much work to do today and I must get to it. No holiday weekend for me!

Well, there is time for one more picture. Here is something Howard bought this week that I am excited about. It is a pedestal sink!

It is for me! For my powder room. When Big Blue is complete.

That day will come!

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Larry said...

Wow! What amazing pictures, and what an even more delightful place Big Blue is destined to be! How incredible to see the changes time makes. And I have seen more than I care to acknowledge. The fruits of old age.

That beautiful ashtray caught my eye immediately when the page opened. That thing is awesome!