Monday, February 16, 2009

Spring chicken

Something terrible has happened: Howard and I have both ended up with Apple products.

There is this Apple I-Pod that my brother George picked up for $10 from someone selling it on CraigsList. He bought a better one for $20 so he passed the $10 one on to me. This thing measures one inch by one inch. How do you not lose it? That is the big question. Howard says I should Scotch tape it to the side of a car battery. That way we would not only be able to keep track of it but it would hide the offensive Apple logo.

Still it would not solve the problem of Howard's I-Phone. That has Apple written all over it. The shame! Lastnight Howard even took his I-Phone to bed with him. You can read the wild and woolly story of what subsequently happened here.

But now, on to brighter topics.

This morning I heard the spring birds! They are here!

Not only that, but lastnight I had a dream about buying herbs, a whole bunch of herbs, in a pot, to grow on the windowsill. Perhaps I will do just that! Well, probably not. I never get my act together. But I can dream.

Here is something else that is springlike. Yesterday after I went to church and lit my usual candle for Leonard Pennario, Jane and Gary and I went to Betty's where they have flowers on the tables and the sun splashed in on us drinking our Poinsettias. That is a great brunch drink they make with cranberry juice and Champagne.

That is a picture above of a flower on the table at Betty's. I wish I had taken a picture of us waiting in the waiting room for a table! Because we were there for about an hour.

A few more spring thoughts before I reluctantly leave you little chickadees and get back to work. One thing I like about spring is how in Buffalo it is like being back in the Middle Ages. Everyone, religious or not, marks the year according to ancient feasts: St. Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, St. Joseph's Day, Easter.

Not to mention Dyngus Day! Last week at the Three Deuces Jane and Eddie and I found ourselves talking about Dyngus Day. And here is something funny: We were talking where the parties would be and then we segued on to diets we were going on and exercise programs we were beginning.

Suddenly it hit me. "Can you believe this?" I said. "We are all knocking ourselves out so we can look our best for Dyngus Day!" It was true!

I can't stop laughing about that.


Anonymous said...

Apple is the favored brand of smart liberals you know be careful...

Howard Goldman said...

Yes, Apple products really are associated with liberals. Maybe that is what made me order those Valentines flowers that were advertised on the Rush Limbaugh show. Perhaps it was a subconscious act of penance!

Anonymous said...

what color braces will you have for dyngus day? I never thought of that, did you

Anonymous said...

An Apple a day keeps the Coulters away...?

Anonymous said...

Mary, hope to see you and Howard at the terminal for Dyngus Day!

Anonymous said...

Can you send some of those birds to my house? I absolutely LOVE hearing he birds first thing int he morning. It is the best when they actually wake you up on a bright sunny morning.