Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Cat in a Box

In our family we love laughing about brand names. Always have, always will.

And Albrecht Discount has the greatest brand name for pet supplies.

It is Heart To Tail!

The other day when I had my delivery from Aldi, some of the groceries arrived packed into a Heart to Tail box. It is now Jeoffry's favorite toy.

Heart To Tail must have planned that!

This box was just like a little cat house. It is like a freebie I got along with my Heart To Tail cat food and Heart To Tail cat litter. We are spoiling Jeoffry recently with canned cat food. He does not barf as much. If your cat barfs, try canned food instead of dry food, is my advice. It makes a difference.

Plus, if you play your cards right, you might get this box.

Heart to Tail!

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