Sunday, September 24, 2023

Back to the BPO

Last night I went to the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's season-opening concert. It was my first time in Kleinhans Music Hall in something like four years.

It felt funny, walking in, just because it had been so long! However you always love going to Kleinhans. And in a minute I felt right at home all over again.

I wrote a review of the concert

Which was just like old times. Aside from that I got to fuss with it a little. I have to be at church on Sundays at the crack of dawn however I got up extra early and fussed. 

Actually writing a review can be drudge work -- you are home writing as opposed to out somewhere enjoying a cocktail after the concert. However this one was a pleasure to write. JoAnn Falletta, our music director, is fun to report on. I got to interview her this week.

Also the concert featured violinist Gil Shaham, whom I have enjoyed chronicling over the years. He has a unique charm. I got to talk to him a couple of times over the years, previewing concerts for The Buffalo News.

Here is my Gil Shaham story that I love to tell and that I subject my friends to frequently. The publicist had arranged our phone interview for late afternoon, a time I hated because by then I was invariably wiped out and off my game. On this particular day, it turned out that Mr. Shaham was also wiped out and off his game. I remember there was a problem involving the babysitter, and he and his wife were trying to figure out what to do, and --

As I remember it, I said, "Mr. Shaham, would you like to talk another time?" 

And he immediately agreed. As I remember it, we both started laughing, because we were so happy to put things off. We ended up agreeing on talking later that evening at 10 p.m.

Which was great!! 10 p.m. was a different world. I was home, in my pajamas, fed and rested, with a glass of wine. Not that I confided these details, however what I mean is, I could think.

Long story short, he is a very nice man. You would guess that from his performances, however it is great to be able to know for sure.

And last night's concert was a concert I will remember.

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