Monday, September 11, 2023

The Aldi Princess

I love Aldi, you know me. And so does Jeoffry, as you can tell from the above photo of him enjoying an Aldi bag.

Now Aldi and I have taken our relationship to a new level. Ever since Covid made me aware that you could order your groceries, I have not been able to kick the habit. I have become an Aldi princess!

You order online, and poof, the stuff shows up faster than it would if I had gone to Aldi myself.

However you know me, I always find a way to complicate the game. With me the rule is: What you get is what you get.

There is no arguing!

There is no going over the bill and making a fuss over anything. 

It makes things more exciting! Plus I do not want to do anything to upset this Aldi apple cart. This is a tremendous service they are offering. And the shoppers, I admire the shoppers for being up for this job. I do not want to make their lives difficult. I do not want to jeopardize this arrangement in any way. You screw up my order, I will eat it.

I mean literally, I will eat it!

Today was a great adventure.

Instead of one bag of red onions I was brought three.

Instead of one bunch of bananas for Howard, I was given two.

The cat litter also multiplied. One became two.

Last time I remember I received two cabbages, not one. So I am learning that this is typical. Make no mistake, I am paying for all this doubling and tripling.  But still.

Who cares, you know?

It is not as if I will not use the stuff.

OK, there was one exception. One thing I got today I will not use. The delivery included -- doh! -- DOUGH --

-- a loaf of gak bread!

That was what my parents called this white bread, gak bread. I no longer eat any bread, let alone gak bread. I have not eaten bread for two years now. Howard even has knocked it off as well.

So what do I do with this Aldi gak bread?

Something for church coffee hour?

A picnic with friends?

I will figure something out!

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