Sunday, May 14, 2023

Breeding Like Rabbits

 This is a cute rabbit that hangs out in our yard. We have reason to believe there are baby rabbits beneath our back porch.

It is an Eastern Cottontail! The Seek app identified it.

I also saw this kind of rabbit on the Ring Road at Delaware Park. So I trust this ID.

Our property is alive with baby animals. There is this robin's nest on our garage left over from several years ago. It was sweet to watch it once upon a time. Howard and I watched the baby robins with their mouths open, and then we saw one of the babies -- the last one! -- take his first flight from the nest.

It made me sad to see the nest empty and I kept thinking I should clear it out. However I never did. And now, lo and behold, there are eggs in the nest again and a robin is sitting on them!

That made my day to see that!

Rabbits and robins. Two of the cutest animals in the world.

Right here in our own back yard!

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