Saturday, May 13, 2023

The Capsule Wardrobe, a huge challenge


Happy Caturday! Jeoffry likes my wardrobe, as you can see in the picture I took this morning. He likes my hundreds of dresses!

Me, I am feeling the need to get organized. And so I am trying to put together an, ahem, Capsule Wardrobe. I thought it would be fun for the summer!

The idea behind a Capsule Wardrobe is, you choose 15 items that you can easily mix and match and that will see you through your normal everyday needs. The idea is that you can get dressed without a fuss and love the clothes you are wearing and always have something to wear. I heard one Capsule Wardrobe guru talking about how she used to love clothes and she had millions of items but nothing to wear. She would wind up frustrated with clothes strewn all over the place and still not have an outfit together she liked.

I thought: That is me before Mass! Clothes strewn everywhere. Signs of a struggle as I like to say.

This all makes sense to me, having a capsule wardrobe. However I have a feeling with me it will grow to 25 items at least. Even that will be a gigantic challenge.

Yesterday I dragged most of the clothes out of my closet, leaving in the closet only the things I really loved. It is funny how you can have two items almost the same, you know, however one you just like better than the other. In that case you are to toss the item you do not like as well.

I am giving precedence to natural fabrics, cotton and linen. A few rayon dresses made the cut because they are loose and swingy and they do not get warm. Rayon will always get you however. It sounds fine -- rayon is breathable, you think. However its real name is Viscose! And it is not breathable.

Between yesterday and today I spent a few hours weeding out the closet. I took tons of metal coat hangers out to the trash. This is serious! I donated some clothes and I have boxes for other ones just so I will take them out of the closet and not overthink things.

I am going to run now and count the clothes in my closet.

Yikes! I am at 35!

I can take the denim jacket out and not count that because it is a jacket.

But still. I must do this, I must get it down to 25. That is generous. Lots of these Capsule Wardrobe types cap it at 15.

I will have to figure this out tomorrow.

I will report!

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