Thursday, November 3, 2022

Switchin' in the kitchen

The house is in upheaval because the kitchen is getting fixed and so is the peeling wallpaper.

Above is the "before" picture of the kitchen.

The "After" picture will have to appear tomorrow. It is not done yet. However it will be. The cabinets are being fixed and I am getting a backsplash which, this kitchen never had one. I will also be replacing the hardware on the cabinets.

Everyone says, paint your cabinets white. However these are what they are, which is a nice old-fashioned oak, and you just know that as soon as I painted them white, all these people would be saying, oh, never paint your cabinets white. So the natural oak stays.

I am getting butcher block countertops to go with the cabinets. I told my sister Margie a few weeks ago because she shares my excitement over things like this. However Margie said, oh no, go with granite! She said if you spill wine on the butcher block, it is all over.

You know what, I will not spill wine.

You also know what, I will not tell anyone else that I am doing this. Because everyone has something to say and I want to follow everyone's advice and I end up like that guy with the donkey in the Aesop's fable

"You can't please everyone," is the moral of that fable. That is the truth!

Looking at that picture, I love that fable, you know? What a great story. Still funny after all these millennia.

Back to my kitchen. The sink is also going. Perhaps I will end up with a double sink. There is also this hood over the stove that broke a long time ago and that is going.

Howard said this is genius because it is a short project. We have two or three days of upheaval. Right now dishes have to be washed in the bathroom and my only counter is this wheelie cart next to the stove.

But after two days it is done! Then I can get onto the trimmings such as getting the new cabinet hardware and changing up the lighting. I have these pendant lights I bought at a garage sale that will be going over the counter.

We are switchin' in the kitchen! Gettin' ready for the party tonight!

OK, maybe not tonight.

But soon!

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