Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Back to the Library


Besides going back to the Broadway Market I have also gone back to the library. 

The library is no longer charging if books are overdue or anything. I am not sure how they are going to get a lot of books back under those circumstances, however I have no degree in library science so what do I know. 

I want my money back for all the fines I once had to pay!!

Plus more money, for pain and suffering!

Read my saga of library adventures here.

For now however I borrowed two books. They are biographies. One is on the illustrator N.C. Wyeth and the other is on the Revolutionary War leader Baron von Steuben. 

Above is a picture I snapped of the N.C. Wyeth book. Slightly visible to the right is this giant book on Mozart I also looked into -- however just a glance told me it was really boring. For a Mozart book to look boring to me means something, I will tell you that. 

It was lucky I did not like the Mozart book because it must have been 800 pages. As it was I could barely cram N.C. Wyeth and Baron von Steuben into my backpack for the trip back to the Hyatt where Howard was playing.

I have been reading both books and I will have to write my thoughts on each one because I am tired of trying to bore my friends with details. The N.C. Wyeth book is interesting because my dad read us "Treasure Island" when we were little, and it had his pictures.

Blind Pew!

That is not the sort of picture you forget!

It was weird looking into the book when I was in the library, reading about Wyeth's son Andy, and then realizing, that is Andrew Wyeth. Since beginning to read the book I have found some videos on YouTube interviewing Andy and his sisters and brother about the old man. By the way I really do believe that N.C. was the best artist of them all and that is saying something. I mean, Blind Pew, look at him. Who in the world would have come up with that?

I admire the family for being so honest about everything, especially in the book. It is a strange family saga. Most family sagas are strange however people are not always honest about them. The family seems to have understood that N.C. belongs to the world, not just to them, and they do not keep things under wraps.

Sometimes it gets to you, reading a book like this. You just start feeling in the middle of it all and one night I was lying awake, just thinking about this family. Oh, this is funny, Andrew Wyeth, he married a girl from Buffalo. He got married in East Aurora, at her house, which was at 815 Fillmore Avenue, I think. It was in the book. I did a search online and I do not believe the house is there any longer. Buffalo and its surrounding townships are always knocking things down.

Andy Wyeth's wife was the daughter of the Courier-Express's art editor. Her name was Betsy James. I forget her father's name and the book is downstairs and I am too lazy to go down and get it. She met him in Maine when she was a teenager and her family was vacationing there. Summering there, the book said. Being a newspaper girl myself I am not sure how Mr. James was able to take summers off from his job at the Courier-Express. It must have been nice working for a newspaper in those days!

When Andy brought Betsy back to meet the family, N.C. yelled at him about bringing back girls in lipstick and shorts who looked as if they belonged on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. Actually N.C. reminds me a lot of my dad. It is 'round midnight and I will have to get into that another time.

For now...

... sweet dreams!

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