Saturday, January 1, 2022

The first ink sketch of the new year


It's not done yet, but this is my first ink sketch of 2022. I did it after mass this morning! This is the Great Northern Elevator, Buffalo's oldest grain elevator. When it was built in 1897, it was the biggest grain elevator in the world. Yay, Buffalo!

This cool old elevator is on the ropes because it was neglected and then damaged in a windstorm a couple of weeks ago. That is a Buffalo story that is always repeating, usually involving our most significant buildings. You can see the damage in the front there in the picture.

It is kind of interesting to tell you the truth to see the inside of the building. I did not know those silos were under there! I should have figured but I did not.

I hope this elevator pulls through because on top of the obvious reasons, I do love drawing it! This is maybe the 10th time I have tackled it. I have drawn it from all angles and studied it over the course of long hot summer afternoons, sitting on some curb with my bike and my backpack. I love all its layers and that water tower up on top, like the cherry on top of the sundae. 

Today I knocked off the drawing a little earlier than I would have had it not been so wet. I was out on the docks and leaning on this box that was full of puddles. Not smart! All of a sudden I was soaked! But I get this sense of triumph whenever I get to draw outside on an inclement day.

Will I sketch every day in 2022?

It is one of my plans!

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