Thursday, December 16, 2021

Brenda's beautiful Christmas tree

Yesterday I wrote about my struggle with my Christmas tree. Just to put things in perspective, here is a look at my friend Brenda and her Christmas tree.

That is Brenda's tree up above!

At first when I saw that picture in my photos from last week, I did not look closely and I thought it was my tree. I thought to myself, I should not be so hard on myself. Look at my tree, it looks good!

Then I realized it was Brenda's tree.

Everyone needs a Brenda in your life to give you something to strive for. Brenda has put in years as an interior designer, working for Ethan Allen and other places. Her house is perfect. Brenda and I met when she was an Etsy customer. She purchased a print to go in an AirBnB her son was running, and then she framed it beautifully and also framed my little signed notes for the picture and put them on a table by the print. I went over to see the setup. I thought I was dreaming! Anyway that was how we met.

Now I just look agog at everything Brenda does. She has beautiful candles that are fake but do not look it. They are on a timer so they go on every day at the same time. Probably the timer makes allowances for sunset and sunrise. I would not be surprised!

Brenda had a few of us over for a tree-trimming party the other day. The ornaments were impeccably laid out. There was a bowl full of hooks -- no scrabbling in the corners of the old cardboard boxes that hold normal people's ornaments. And there was this buffet. 

Here is Brenda putting the star atop the tree as Ryan watches critically to make sure it is not off in any way.

The beautiful people by the buffet. Notice the wreath in the back window.

I give you Brenda, left, and me, right, enjoying the occasion. Did I mention she had the most delicious red wine?

Whenever I see Brenda I get the urge to do what motivation guru Brian Tracy always says to do when you want to reach a goal. You map out piece by piece what it would take for you to reach that goal, which in my case is to live in an environment like Brenda's.

Every journey starts with a single step, however. And I took that step yesterday.

The tree is up. The lights are on! It was a struggle but still.

I am on my way!

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