Monday, April 8, 2019

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Today, with the robins singing, was the day of an important pre-summer ritual.

It is the day of the Weeding of the Shoes!

There are shoes strewn around all over the house and today is the day when I promised myself I would go through them and de-accession that which is battered or pinchy or hopelessly salt-stained.

I sound joyous reporting about this but it is something I dread. I am just not a shoe person. There are shoes I love but in general shoe shopping stresses me out. Something can feel good in the store but when you go to wear them, they do not! That and, you can get a great pair of shoes, but after months of not wearing them you realize they go with nothing.

There is nothing for it however but to get to work. I went through boxes of dozens and dozens of shoes. I had to set aside a Shoe Morgue for shoes without mates. It is still there now that the monumental task is completed. There are seven shoes in the Shoe Morgue. I will give them a month or two and if they mates have not turned up they will have to go.

There is always a pair of shoes bound for Amvets that gets a last minute reprieve. It is like the president pardoning a turkey. Today that honor went to a pair of boots that was ancient, that I had found heaven knows where, and the boots made it outside -- but then back inside. They read "Made in USA" and "Waterproof" and I seemed to remember they were indeed waterproof. You never know when you will need something like that. I get pretty desperate in the winter sometimes.

A few other shoes, I have to be honest, hung on for sentimental reasons. Well, one pair. I bought them at Spiegel when I went to compete in the Van Cliburn Amateur Competition. They are three colors, bright colors. I was on the copy desk when I did that competition and I wore the shoes to work and my late boss Stan Lipsey, the publisher, was passing by and called out to me, "Now that's what I call shoes!!"

How can I toss them? They are a classic design and they are in great condition, is another thing -- aside from the tip of the toe, which is slightly scuffed on both shoes. I wonder if someone can fix that. Hmmm.

A cobbler might also come in handy to fix the heels of the sandals I bought in California that I used to wear when I was there with Leonard Pennario. They are quality and they have held up all these years.

Well, all these repairs will have to wait till another day.

Today I cannot bear to see another shoe!


Cathybytheriver said...

Oh that's what I need to do & soon-very soon-designate a weeding through shoes (and boots) day. Keep thinking it's time to stash winter footgear away & bring out summer wear. Thanks for the idea-now have to add a day in my spring cleaning schedule. I won't get everything done until Memorial Day. Happy spring-happy Easter amaryllis to you & Howard, Catherine Kurczynski

Cathybytheriver said...

Dear Mary,
Your blog would not let me change amaryllis to Mary. Sorry about the autocorrection error. (Hate goofy errors.)

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Cathy, so nice of you to hear from you here!! I was doing clothes weeding today -- a Herculean task that will go on for days. I will not get everything done till Memorial Day either. Happy Easter amaryllis (LOLOL) to you too!!! Easter cannot come soon enough!