Friday, April 17, 2009

Emancipation proclamation

Yesterday I emancipated myself from stockings.

Nylons. Pantyhose.


There are no pretty words for those things!

Which is only one reason why yesterday I emancipated myself from them. Every year the day comes when I do that and it is early compared to other people. It is a day I like forward to. It is my own personal Boom Days. Note to out-of-towners: Boom Days is now. It is when Buffalo gets rid of our ice boom. That means that spring is here!

So from this day forward I am running around in sandals.

I have this favorite pair of sandals that I wore yesterday. They are so wonderful they make me think of the Bible. As in, their value is beyond pearls! I found these sandals last year at a Goodwill in San Diego, when I was out there with Leonard Pennario. I think I paid $5 for them.

They are from Brazil and they are leather. And the heels are decent. About two and a half inches, I would guess. I do not like flats. I need a bit of a heel. And no jokes please about my being a bit of a heel myself. I am not!

And here is what makes these sandals wonderful: From the moment I tried them on at that Goodwill, they felt perfect.

I could run around in them for hours, starting with Day One.

The wear I put on these sandals in San Diego! I have such memories of going everywhere in them. I wore them just about every other day. I remember kicking them off when I would walk into Pennario's room when he was sleeping. That is a big memory I have of these shoes. I did not want to wake him up so I would slip off the sandals so the heels would not make noise. I can still picture them lying in his bedroom by his desk because that is where I would kick them.

When I came home from California I kept wearing these sandals. I wore them all last summer.

Now I really have to get them re-heeled. I have to have that new pad or whatever they call it put on the heel. There is this cobbler on Hertel and that is where I will go.

What about Hans Sachs? He is the cobbler in "Die Meistersinger."

It is funny how with these, ahem, hard economic times, old-fashioned occupations like cobbler are suddenly relevant again. Next we might be seeing the return of the blacksmith! Hey, you never know.

What is with me and footwear? This is the second time this week shoes have put me into a reverie. The first time was my Victorian bedroom slippers, remember?

You know what they say: Two steps forward, one step back.

That is certainly true in my life!


Budd Bailey said...

I never understood why women would destroy their feet by wearing heels, when they could be comfortable and happy with a fine pair of running shoes -- limos for the feet.

If your feet aren't happy, nobody is happy.

Ryan said...

Just yesterday I was examining a sport coat in my closet that I got from Amvets a few years ago. It was one of those things that just fit as if it were tailored for me. I was debating whether or not to have it dry cleaned, since it only cost $3 to begin with. I decided that if I used this half-off dry cleaning coupon I have, it would be okay.

That got me thinking it was time to go treasure hunting, and this latest web log installment just reinforced that. I figured today after work would be a good time, since the significant other wouldn't be around. He really hates thrift stores. Well, there were no good clothes at Amvets, but I did run across "The Best of Leonard Pennario Album 2." Of course I had to pick it up, so I could see what all the fuss is about.

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Wow, Ryan, I only saw this just now!! We must discuss. LOLOL