Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The strong will survive

We have a once-a-week Cardio Dance class in the office after work, once a week. I went to it today.

Fourteen Holy cannoli, is this class tough! You work and work. They bring in this teacher who, I am a veteran of many a Zumba class, and she is tougher. They blast this unrelenting hip-hop at you. Honest, I think I caught this "lyric" -- I use the quote marks there as Pennario would have --

Baby meet me in the bathroom stall
Show me why you should have it all


We were all dancing and sweating and ready to pass out on this 90 degree day but still I made it over to my friend Karen and I said, "Karen, was that lyric, and I use the term loosely, what I thought it was?"

Well, the important thing is, we are looking better and better every week! You do not take a class like this and walk away from it unchanged.

The class is not exactly pleasant. They have one oscillating fan ...

... and it is hot and because you are in the, ahem, office, there are all these security guards and co-workers and editors and whatnot observing you and laughing.

It is no wonder that today we had three no-shows.

"The weak are leaving," I said to Karen. "The strong will survive."

That which does not kill us makes us stronger!

And we will get stronger still seeing that now we are lobbying to make the class twice a week. Today I was thinking, it is a little easier than it was last week.  If we amped it up to twice a week, that improvement would come twice as fast.

Beach body, here I come.

Better late than never!

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