Monday, August 1, 2016

Fun at a discount

It is Hallowe'en at Big Lots. I just went today looking for canning stuff because after making all that jam I am running low on Wide Mouthed Lids. There is something about Wide Mouthed Lids that makes you want to capitalize it, you know? Anyway that is why I stopped there after work.

Do not discount the pleasure a stop at a discount store adds to your day. There is something in wandering the aisles, with your pedometer counting every step as you enjoy yourself, looking at this and that.

They have candles marked down. I almost bought one called Croissant but at the last minute, tight-fisted German that I am, I cheaped out. I also ogled the school supplies but cheaped out on them, too. I am a fiend for markers and index cards and other stuff and I rationalize them by saying they help me with my book. However I stood firm.

I did buy Jeoffry a couple of catnip toys. He will be a happy boy later on tonight.

I also bought some lemon hand soap because they have some at St. Anthony's and I have admired its aroma. And some gym socks because mysteriously I am down to something like two pairs. Where do gym socks go? It is a mystery for the Father, Son and Holy Ghost to answer in the next life.

You can get, ahem, organic green tea with mint and with jasmine and so I took advantage. The tea is $1.80 for 20 sachets.

Fun at Big Lots! Culminating in when I saw the aisle full of skeletons. And pumpkin candles and pumpkin tea. I do not get upset the way other people do at such a sight. I just figure Big Lots is a little ahead of us in life.

That wild and unruly time of year will be here before we know it!

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Anonymous said...

Mary, It said NO COMMENTS so I thought it meant no one could comment.... Jeez Louise... LOL but I clicked on it and figured out NO COMMENTS had yet been made. ----- I am Guy's friend from California.... though we are now living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.... It is like Buffalo but with real buffalos.... LOL ++++ Just to add.... I LOVE BIG LOTS!..... I began shopping there in CA back in about 1971... when it went by the name Pic 'N' Save.... great store.... good items at good prices... and weird stuff which couldn't get distributed anywhere else.... bought notebook paper, art supplies, knick knacks, ash trays, plastic ware, clothes.... lots and LOTS.... Big Lots... of clothes... in the 70's.... for while you couldn't find anything but polyester or other synthetics so foreign outlets, i.e. China, Japan, Iran, etc. would have great deals on shirts and pants in 100% cotton.... the only thing close to Pic N Save back then was "The Akron".... started in 1948.... but in the 60's and 70's was much like Pier One only cheaper... I mean, less expensive.... those were the days.