Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Mixmistress

I haven't written in a while but now that will change. It is fitting that I check back in today, because remember the Sunbeam Mixmaster? I got it going!

A turntable for it arrived from eBay. I spent something like $10 on it including shipping, zut alors. On the other hand, I got the mixer for nothing. On still another hand, it really works!

That bowl flies!!

I don't know what I was expecting, I guess for it to move around sedately. The slow and sedate speeds do not work on this mixer. It kicks in at setting 5, Mashed Potatoes. And it goes from there. I had it mixing cookie dough and it made quick work of the butter and sugar, I will say that. Just to see what it could do, I took it up to the higher speeds. It felt like being in a high-performance car and taking it up to 100 mph.

After I took the picture up above the mixer looked a little smudged so I polished it up. I am kind of sentimental over the $2 price sticker, is one thing. That was a nice deal. This World War II mixer that chugs along like the Memphis Belle. And it has the two bowls. That is lucky because glass bowls tend to break over the years. I will have to learn to recognize these and grab them at St. Vincent de Paul.

Anyway. Good job, mixer that dates to when Leonard Pennario was 24.

Well mixed!

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