Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Big Threat This Week

Dot com that is!

The site Weather.com kills me. It is always so alarmist. So much so that I find myself just laughing sometimes.

Say, today. (I am a poet and I know it! Watch for my book on Pennario.)

"Breaking now! 7.3 magnitude earthquake kills 19." You have to click on that to see where the earthquake is. It could be your back yard!

"Watch Black Bears Chasing Tourists in Yellowstone." That one is a video.

"Lake Disappearing Into Hole ... And No One Can Stop It!"

"He Didn't See the Plane Until It Was Too Late."

"Strange Things Spotted 'Hovering' Over Lake Michigan."

And the best, my favorite, simply shows a map of the United States and reads:

"ALERT! Big Threat This Week."

No mention of where or when or what.

No need!

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