Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Magnolias in bloom

It is so beautiful all of a sudden!

Yesterday walking around with my friend Michelle, we walked through a beautiful bohemian Buffalo neighborhood. We counted two (2) men on porches, playing stringed instruments. One was playing guitar, with his dog sitting next to him. Another, a couple of blocks away, was playing banjo. It sounded something like Stephen Foster's "O Susannah," but Michelle assured me it was a rock song.

There were magnolia trees in bloom, as pictured above.

What fun. This has been a week for great walks. I also took a walk with my friend Melinda and I snapped this picture which captures the joy of spring.

And this masterful shot.

(I like trains.)

In between tying up my book on Pennario I do plan on enjoying this summer.

It is just getting started!

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