Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In the Russian kitchen

As I am recovering my health I remind myself of that woman in "Moonstruck," or whatever the movie was. She was at death's door -- "and then she got up, and began to cook for everyone in the house."

That was me!

First I made Israeli hummus in honor of Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before Congress. There is something so 18th century about this whole drama, about, is the Speaker of the House inviting a foreign prime minister. It made me recall stuff I learned in grade school about checks and balances.

And just that name, Congress. So 1700s.

In the new Eating Well they have a bunch of recipes from this handsome and brooding Israeli chef. I made his Double-Tahini Hummus.


He is the Leonard Pennario of hummus, is what I have decided. There is no topping this. Let me look up his name to give him the glory. Ah! A wonderful name, Michael Solomonov.

To complement the Israeli hummus, I made Russian Black Bread from Allrecipes. That is a picture at the top of this post of the completed loaf. It got wonderful reviews online which is why I tried it. Here is my favorite review.

I am a 91 year old [WW-2 Marine] who has been making bread going on 2 years now. Recently have acquired a used bread machine and use it to work the dough and take it thru the 1st rise. Then I divide in 2 regular loaf pans and let rise again and then bake. Have for breakfast every morning toasted with orange marmolade and black coffee. It is good enough to help me get to 100. Jack Whitesell Prescott

I love how the gentleman signs his name. Thank you, sir, for your service!

Finally here is Jeoffry playing with his elephant. Observe the Savers bag.

A very nice day!

I am feeling better already.


Unknown said...

I miss you my Facebook friend. I hope your. Lent is going well. I am sorry to hear you are sick and will pray for you. Thought you might enjoy this:
Your writing is a joy!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Suellen, so nice of you! I miss you on Facebook too! On Easter Sunday I will try to be first to write on your wall. I'm healthy again ... your prayers must have worked. Now I'm going to go watch this youtube clip you sent. Thanks so much!!