Saturday, March 7, 2015

Climb every mountain

After a few days of convalescing I am back on my feet and this morning I went cross-country skiing with my brother George.

We just went to Delaware Park but, as George said, "It looks like the moon."

Mountains of snow, everywhere! As in the above picture Howard took of City Hall.

Where is it all going to go? We do not think this snow is about to go gentle into that good night. It will melt in a giant flood, is what we are thinking.

We had to climb a mountain just to get into the park. I started laughing at George and his skis clambering over this mountain and I stopped for a minute but unfortunately he read my mind. "No pictures," he said.

So politely I waited until he had vanished over the other side and then I took this picture.

Zowie! No wonder Pennario and his family moved out of Buffalo after the infamous cold winter of 1934. Who needs this?

And here is my street.

And a snapshot of the parking lot at work.

Ha, ha! That is what is known as a lot of snow!

One day when I drove into work instead of taking the bus, I realized there was no way to get through the mountains of snow surrounding the lot, mountains which you may see pictured at left. Then I saw a narrow little pass. And so I climbed through the pass, carrying my bag with my lunch and my shoes. And one of our drivers shouted something at me.

"What?" I yelled back.

He yelled: "You have to yodel when you come through there?"

That is Buffalo! Either you leave, as Pennario's family did after the infamously cold winter of 1934, or you better keep your sense of humor.

Yodel ay-ee yodel ay-ee yodel-oh!

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