Monday, August 11, 2014

Watershed weekend

I worked all weekend! Typing away while the sun shone outside. And I got a lot done! But better still...

I paid my water bill.

Remember the old game of how much satisfaction you get from various accomplishments? The water bill ranks right up there.

When it comes to Pennario I am pretty organized but I am not organized when it comes to my accounts payable. That woman in the picture above? It is not me!

With the water bill though I have learned the hard way. Last week, scouring this Web log for I forget what, I found what I wrote about when I let the water bill slide because of too much attention paid to Leonard Pennario, and I had to go in person to pay it. What a horror story that was!

And so:

Just about finished book over weekend of intense work: 50 satisfaction points.

Paid water bill: 150,000 satisfaction points.

Well, OK, I also stopped by the new Savers on Saturday and scored a new maxi-dress. Before going back home and getting to work.

It was a most satisfying weekend!

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