Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Lauren Bacall mix-up

One thing makes a celebrity death easier to take and that is if you thought the person was already dead.

It sort of cushions the blow, you know?

Such was the case with me and Lauren Bacall, pictured above. What must it have been like to have your hair like that, is all I can think, looking at that picture. Those shining curls, just so. Imagine the team of people it took.

But anyway. To return to my story, I somehow had it in my head that Lauren Bacall had died years ago.

I could have sworn that she had!

When Howard tried to tell me last night that Miss Bacall had passed on I said with confidence, "Oh, she died a long time ago."

How little we know!

(With the great Hoagy Carmichael on piano.)

There is this picture that Lauren Bacall signed to Leonard Pennario and it has something very affectionate written on it.

I will have to go look for it, now that she really is dead.

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