Saturday, June 28, 2014

'County Hospital'

It is a classic Laurel and Hardy, "County Hospital."

Laurel and Hardy were Leonard Pennario's favorite comedy team and they are mine too. My brother George is on a Laurel and Hardy kick and I followed him onto it although George has gone farther than I have in that he is reading biographies of Laurel and Hardy and I have not gotten to that yet. Long story short, today we were watching "County Hospital."


What happens right at the beginning after Laurel looks at the sign asking for quiet. He gives the Quiet sign this befuddled look and then you can guess what happens... Noise!

Then the look on Hardy's face when you see him in the hospital room with his foot up.And how he reacts when Stan has come to visit.

Then the business with the doctor hanging out the window.

Too much, too much.

"County Hospital." Just the title is hilarious. It is a two-reel, as I hear from George. Two reels mean 20 minutes.


A classic!

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