Thursday, May 15, 2014

Oooh, that's good eatin'!

Son of a yam-eating sea cook, the temperature plunged today!

When I went out at lunch time with my friend Melinda to take the air, it was lovely and fragrant. There was the Cheerios aroma.

Early this morning I heard the symphony of the birds. I believe the robins are first. Then you hear a chickadee kick in. Then the mourning dove. While I reviewed some Pennario papers the window was open and the bird calls drifted in.

After all those summer pleasures I could not believe when I came out of work and it felt like 40 degrees. Perhaps it was not in fact 40 degrees but it felt like it. And it was raining.

There is only one thing to do in a situation like that and that is to go home and roast sweet potatoes.

Haha, they look plain, like piglets! I do not get fancy with them. ...

... at least not tonight I did not. I just stuck them in the oven. Perhaps when I am through with my Pennario project I will make sweet potato dishes like the one up above.

Meanwhile if you just stick a sweet potato in the oven it will reward you so richly. After an hour at 400 degrees, these sweet potatoes had caramelized and were just waiting for you to dig into them with butter.

A few years ago I had a discussion about sweet potatoes with the gentleman who was then in charge of the nearby group home. I always remember that was how he said to eat them. He said, as I listened rapt, simply to roast them and then break open the skin and put in a pat of butter.

Then he said: "Oooh, that's good eatin'."

Indeed it is! Howard, when he came home ...

... thought so too.

Good eatin'!

Especially on such a cold, rainy night as this.

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