Saturday, April 12, 2014

The ultimate bread machine

I could not help it, I bought a new bread machine.

But this one is the ultimate!

Literally! It is a Breadman Ultimate. I have a Breadman already, on semi-permanent loan from my brother George while I experiment with it. I like and admire George's Breadman. It is vertical and does not take up much room on the counter.

But this new one is the ultimate.

I found it at the North Tonawanda Goodwill where I went with my friend Tracy after we went to a Zumba Master Class after I put in three hours on Pennario and cross-indexing his endless discography. We went from class to Goodwill where it was immediately announced that the store was closing in 15 minutes. Then they started sounding bells the way they do at the Philharmonic to warn you that the time was short.

So I headed to the checkout with this brand-new Calvin Klein dress with the tags still on it. No time to try it on. If it did not fit me it would fit someone. Then my friend Tracy laughed at me because by the time I got to the checkout somehow this huge bread machine was there too.

I work fast, when I have to!

Howard inspected it eagerly the way he inspected the Welbilt. The Welbilt was so last week, you know? This new Ultimate, we do not think it was ever used. The manual was still in there and nothing seemed touched. Imagine the scene. "We've never used this. Get it out of here."

"But my mother --"

"I want it gone. Take it to Goodwill."

Anyway. End result, as we say here in Buffalo, the dress fit. And the bread machine will fit, too.

It makes a horizontal loaf. That is something new. Most of these machines make vertical loaves. It will be fun to see what this machine can do.

Tomorrow I will fire it up!

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