Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April in Buffalo

I hear that tonight we are going to break the cold record set here in Buffalo when Leonard Pennario was 4. He would have been here for that cold snap! I forgot how cold they said it was back then but tonight is going to be colder.

This evening after work and before Parish Council meeting I went for a walk with my friend Michelle. Son of an ice-chomping sea cook, it was cold!

We walked twice around the park. Once in a while when you walked in a certain direction it was not too cold but then boy, was it cold. I started out jauntily, thinking I had dressed warmly enough...

... but alas. After 10 minutes I  was shivering. This was worse than February!. By the time I got home I was so frozen that I had to stop in the house and try to warm up.

But I only had ten minutes to get downtown to St. Anthony's for parish council. So I got in the car.

And I could not turn the ignition key!

That was how cold my hands were!

I have honestly never experienced that. I tried and tried. My hand just would not move. Finally I took my other hand and used it to help the first to turn the key. It is very strange to turn on the ignition with two hands but that was what finally did it.


Got to love it!

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