Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The pianist's cookbook

Yesterday at Price Rite, remember the cod I bought? Tonight I made this Eating Well cod recipe.

I ate well!

Not least because everything went into the oven at the same time. After I finish my book on Leonard Pennario I am going to write a book called, ahem, The Pianist's Cookbook. This recipe would be included. That is because everything goes into the oven and then you walk away.

The cod gets covered in tomato sauce and white beans and goes in the oven. Then I did roasted potatoes. You cut up potatoes into big chunks and toss them in olive oil and thyme and then they go into the oven.

Lastly there is asparagus. You toss a bunch of asparagus in olive oil and kosher salt and then that goes into the oven.

Then the cook goes off to the piano and plays Liszt.

When your husband comes home ...

... you say, "Oh yes, honey, dinner is ready."

And you eat!

My great work in progress, "The Pianist's Cookbook," will be full of recipes that you can just stick into the oven or on the stovetop, as the case may be, and just go off and forget about it. A lot of Crock Pot recipes will fall into this category. But not all! There are some that are labor intensive. Fie on them.

It will be fun researching my cookbook.

And I will get a lot of practicing done!

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