Monday, March 31, 2014

The Swai Burger

Remember the Swai fish?

Now they are burgers!

I went to Price Rite and the Swai burgers called to me from the frozen fish case. But I did not answer the cry of the Swai seeing that I had Pennario playing in my head. Just as well! If you look carefully at the bag you will see it is only 97 percent Swai.

Swai I did not buy Swai. My friends are teasing me anyway because they know my love for it. I cannot make any fish dish without someone, usually my friend Ryan, saying, "Mary, is that Swai?" It gets embarrassing so sometimes I make tilapia instead. Even though tilapia is boring next to Swai, I am sorry. That Swai is some yummy fish.

Price Rite was fun today and not too crowded. I do love a cheap supermarket. And the secret to a good supermarket shopping trip is going when you are hungry! Everyone tells you not to. But as my mother said, it's so much more fun when you are hungry.

Among the things I bought: chickpeas, black beans, artichoke hearts, onions, brown rice, chipotle chiles in adobo sauce, tomato paste, whole wheat flour for Howard's bread baking habit and, hippie that I am, tofu.

Odd, they had cod, and I bought that too.

Now I am going to forbid myself food shopping for a few days. I have bought enough and I must needs work on my book.

The Swai's the limit!

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