Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It came in through the bathroom window

Gross sign of spring!!

HUGE centipede!

I was brushing my teeth and saw it out of the corner of my eye, that was how big it was. Bugs love bathrooms. It scuttled into a corner and sat there where it figured it would not be noticed.

I was able to get a paper towel and kill it! Yay me and Howard was even still asleep so not there to sing Wagner while I did it.

There are not-great things about spring and it would behoove us to keep that in mind as long as spring, despite vestiges of Dyngus Day and the Candle-Lite candles...

...  is kind of slow in coming, as illustrated by this picture I took on the waterfront.

And this one.

There are centipedes and other bugs! And already all the car stereos are turned up louder. Someone should do a scientific study and find out how much the decibels increase in proportion to the temperature.

As long as spring is slow I will roll with it. I will concentrate on Pennario and enjoy what silence is left.

I will not let it bug me!

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