Monday, May 5, 2014

A robin moves in

Our house is now home to a robin. It has built a nest on a window ledge right near Howard's desk!

For a few days there was all these industrious noises coming from that desk, which was rare and warranted investigation. And there was this bird, working away! I would see its tail feathers going this way and that as it wedged its twigs into place. It is fascinating how birds know how to do that. Unfortunately it was very aware of me and did not like when I got near the window to see what was going on. It would glare at me with its beady little eyes and then fly away. So I let it be. I worked on polishing up my Leonard Pennario book and the bird polished up its nest.

It had that nest done in a couple of days. Now it is sitting there complete, capped by a few twigs just laid across the top. And Howard admired a decorative touch: The robin had scavenged a length of white ribbon and festooned the sill with that. Maybe that is so the robin can tell if anyone disturbs it.

I envy that bird. Its neat and manageable project done, just like that!

Why can't I be so lucky?

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