Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sprout and about

Remember the Sprout Garden? Sure you do.

It was only three and a half years ago!

Spring being a little late this year I got out the Sprout Garden and filled it up the other day. I did a tray of lentils and two trays of mung beans. All these sprout hippies always mention mung beans and I had never seen them but I found them a couple of weeks ago at the Broadway Market. This Middle Eastern seller was selling them. They were only about a dollar, good thing because you know what? They did not sprout.

Not even with my loving tending and letting them listen to Leonard Pennario. Music is supposed to be good for plants. But although the lentils did well, the mung beans just sat there. And while the lentils smelled like perfume, the mung beans just smelled as if they were getting old.

So I dumped them and now I have just lentil sprouts. It is fun to have something growing in your kitchen that is supposed to be growing in your kitchen, you know? Later I learned that split peas do not sprout, that anything split does not sprout, and I believe these mung beans were split. They looked like yellow split peas.

I will get wiser on this subject.

Right now I am still a beginner. Like the Little Green Sprout in the picture up above. Hahaaa. It is funny how retro it is, that picture. I remember the Jolly Green Giant and the Little Green Sprout from when I was a kid.

It was also funny reading back on buying my Sprout Garden. I had forgotten how my mother was disapproving because she thought I should be knocking a quarter off the price. I can't believe all the things I bought with my mom at garage sales. I had forgotten the Sprout Garden was one of them.

See, this is why people keep journals and Weblogs.

To keep the memories green!

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