Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thinking inside the box

Remember my bento lunch box? I got another lunch box.

It is just that, as Mia Farrow said in "Hannah and Her Sisters," my needs are enormous. Every day I go to work it is like packing for an infant. I need all this food in various amounts. I am like an artist though and sometimes I need a different palette to work with.

Anyway I went back to Marshall's for a second helping and I found this Fit and Fresh number.

Wow, Amazon is charging $11.99 for this set! I did not pay $11.99, that is for sure. Heck for $11.99, you can go out to lunch, you know? I paid $6. All the little boxes fit together well and you know how much I love playing these little games that get you through the day -- this is a game, putting together an artistic lunch. Not the lunch up above in the picture! It is pretty but I would never pack the same thing in both those little boxes.

Today I had cole slaw in one little box and cottage cheese in the other. And in the big box was a salad with romaine and hard-boiled egg and green beans.

The other day the little boxes held grapes in one and barley risotto in the other.

It is an art! And I am an artist. I am the Leonard Pennario of lunch. Speaking of which, I should design a Pennario tribute lunch. There would be creme brulee in one small container. And German sweet-and-sour cabbage soup in the other small container. And in the big container would have to be some impressive foodie thing like Asian chicken skewers.

Yum! I am getting hungry just siting here.

I care about food and it shows in my work!

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