Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Out from under the Net

Son of a sea cook, my home computer has been on the fritz and keeping me away from the Web log! Well, the computer is not entirely on the fritz. I could use it for my book.

End result, as we say here in Buffalo, I got a lot of work done! That woman up above in the picture? That was me yesterday! At least that was what I felt like.

It made me wonder if Leonard had reached down from the sky somehow and flicked a switch.

No Facebook for me!

No Web log!

No YouTube! Luckily I have my stereo.

 It is a learning experience, I will say this, not to have the Internet. You realize how often you use it, how easily you can be lured onto it. Every other paragraph I was re-reading, I would think of checking something, of looking for something, and then -- Doh! No Google!

No eBay, so I could not check to see if a certain publicity picture had surfaced. Hey, you never know.

And I am not undisciplined. I actually have pretty good self control. Sometimes I laugh at myself, when the Internet is not down, because I want to look for something and I deny myself. "Overruled," I will say. "Not necessary."

And yesterday it felt kind of good to have my computer as uncluttered as my desk.

But occasionally something does come up you want to check. And -- so primitive! I am thinking of checking the spelling of someone's name, or something, and ... what do you do?

"Maybe I have this book downstairs," I caught myself thinking.

A book! What a concept!

I have my teacher Stephen Manes' vintage Grove dictionary. I treasure it even though it pre-dated Pennario and so he is not in it. So there is that.

Yesterday I was wishing I had the Encyclopaedia Brittanica.

So primitive!

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