Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stuff Howard says

I ended up with this book "Sh*t Girls Say." I am guilty of saying just about everything in the book. And so I am getting back on it with Sh*t Howard Says. Well, originally I titled the post that. I just could not stand looking at it so I changed it to Stuff Howard Says.

With which ...

"Can I wear a suit?"

"You're going to burn the house down."

"I'm getting stronger."

"We're out of oats."

"Maybe I should play ...

"Stop nagging me about the toilet."

"I should go back to listening to Art Tatum."

"I just like to stay home."

"Why do they have to have a horn?"

"This whiskey is great stuff."

"I have to go downtown."

"Leonard Pennario really was the greatest."

(I love him especially for that last one.)


Jennifer said...

"Hot loaf now."
"Next on Big Blue TV"

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Jennifer, those are great suggestions! And so true! I will have to write a Part 2...