Monday, September 9, 2013

Milk bar

This is not exactly healthy but I have developed an addiction to those ersatz-milks you find in the dairy case.

Silk Coconut Milk. I first found this at Aldi. They had it as a temporary special and it was $2.99 and so I had to grab it. Now I am like an alcoholic with this stuff. Got to have it. I love the taste of it plus the way it feels in your mouth. It is insanely good! So I find myself at Dash or somewhere, checking to make sure I have a plan once my supply is depleted.

Then I branched out into Almond Milk.

But zut alors! The first one I got was good. It tasted, I can describe it precisely, exactly like the way it tastes when you have finished your cereal, lift up the bowl and drink the milk that is left over.

However the second one I got, just the other day, was sweetened. I did not mean to grab that. I was at Wegmans and I was unnerved the way I always am at Wegmans and I did not think. Now I have to cut it with normal milk just to get the sweetness down to a reasonable level.

This milk is good for you and it has a lot of calcium. But it is making me realize something about myself.

That is that I have no self control. I go upstairs with a cup of this stuff, figuring it will carry me for a while as I work on my Pennario project. But I drink it all up right away!

I am like a cat or a dog or something! Slurp, slurp, sip, sip, gone.

I cannot go slow with this.

So much to eat and drink!

So little time!

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Maggie Mills said...

Try Silk Light Chocolate... mmm