Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rare find at Dollar Tree

Yesterday I went to Dollar Tree. There are Aldi days and there are Price Rite days and Sav-A-Lot days but yesterday was a Dollar Tree day!

I found something you almost never find anymore.

There is this Totally Awesome Dish Soap that is 50 ounces for $1. Well, it used to be. Like everything else it is going up in price. At Dollar Tree it cannot go up in price so the quantity is going down. The new bottles are 30 ounces.

I saw the writing on the wall about this a long time ago. The old bottles were disappearing and the new bottles were coming in. Nothing I like stays, you know? You get used to being able to buy something and it is gone. Howard and I loved this dish soap. He has described them as these "plump bottles." It is hard to find plump bottles of dishwashing liquid. The big deal now are those tiny bottles with something like 8 ounces.

It is amazing how they have caught on! Now we are used to it, that dish liquid comes in small bottles. People learn to settle for less. Just as they have learned to settle for not-so-great pianists now that Leonard Pennario is not around any more. Well, do not get me started on that.

Yesterday at Dollar Tree I rejoiced to to see a dozen of the old 50 oz. bottles. Son of a sea cook, I bought them all!

You should have seen me schlepping them out to my car!

The Dollar Tree clerk was great and gave me special dispensation to take the cart out of the store. She told me how to unscrew this huge bar that prevents normal mortals from taking them out.

I love special treatment so that got me smiling. It is nice how they hire these senior citizens at this particular Dollar Tree. They are extremely helpful. One of the bottles began leaking, totally normal when it comes to Totally Awesome Dish Soap, but she was distressed and gave me paper towels so I could protect my car trunk.

Anyway, such a deal.

Too bad it is a vanishing one!


Maggie Mills said...

I know exactly what you mean! I went on a Big Lotsfest yesterday. (I was actually thinking of you, wishing you were bargain hunting with me.) And, yes, I too, need to take my haul in the cart to my car. Four large 28oz. peanut butter pretzels containers parked aside the new 22oz containers that are being phased in. And, yes, I needed that bag full of perfect Pantene conditioner, too.

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Margie, I love the phrase Big Lotsfest! Next time I go to Big Lots that will be my headline.... Tragic to hear of the downsizing of the peanut butter pretzels! Isn't it maddening?