Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

My mom and I were out walking and we were talking about what a beautiful day it was.

Honest, it felt like a Hollywood set. The robins and the mourning doves were singing. It was early evening and there was the aroma of people grilling things. The yard was a carpet of violets. Beautiful and perfect for the first day of May. We spoke of that.

Then my mother said, "I think it's terrible how it's been taken over by the Russians."

She meant International Workers Day. I said, "Mom, me too!"

My mother said: "It used to be a day for the Blessed Mother." Well, all of May was but May 1 signaled the start of it and there used to be May Day celebrations.

Why do we need International Workers Day? We have Labor Day. My mother made that argument a long time ago. This has bugged her for years.

International Workers Day has bugged other people too. It bugged Pope Pius XII enough so that he instituted the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker in 1955, so the Communists would not "own" that day. I always wondered where that feast day came from. I just looked it up and that was how.

Anyway, we can defiantly celebrate May Day anyway on the Leonard Pennario Web log, with the great Irish tenor Frank Patterson.

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