Sunday, April 7, 2013

Season's greetings

I went walking in the park today and the weather for once was tolerable! There was a cold wind off the lake but it was sunny and ... and! ... I wore shorts.

It was very different from one day last week when I took the above picture.

And this one!

This was the year March went in like a lion and out like a lion!

It was funny, taking those pictures. I went for a walk with my friend Michelle and we were getting soaked. The snow was flying sideways. And it was all in big, wet flakes.

I could tell that my taking pictures exasperated Michelle but still, I could not stop!

"Hang on," I kept saying. Then I had to take off my mittens and get out my phone and take it out of its case because the case is rough and ready in case I drop it. Howard told me it is because I always drop the phone, which I do. The trouble with the case is you cannot take pictures while the phone is in it, because otherwise your picture will look like something that should be on display at the Albright-Knox.

Now I am glad I took my pictures of the park. It is good to have a record of what things were like just over a week ago.

Today I was encouraged by my walk and so I found five minutes to sit down at the piano and play Mendelssohn's "Spring Song." It is this little ritual I have. Even if I am not Leonard Pennario, I can do a pretty good number on the "Spring Song."

Here is a video I found. I do not know who the pianist is but still.



Unknown said...

Hi Mary, What kind of a case do you have for what i assume is an iPhone that does not allow you to take pictures? I thought they all did.

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Jim, the case has the hole that is supposed to allow you to take pictures -- but the case is so big and floppy that it doesn't line up right. If you hit the camera app it turns up blank because all it is seeing is the case! That's why I have to take it out to take pictures. Smile!

Unknown said...

Hi Mary, When you upgrade to the iPhone 5 you'll have to upgrade your case as well. Otherwise how are you going to take those neat panoramic pictures? Say cheese!