Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Guy's got rhythm

That picture is of the great Guy Boleri playing at my friend Gary's house the other night. It was not even a party! Four of us were just sitting around.

Next to guy you can see Gary's second piano which is a beautifully carved Kurtzmann. Those handsome gents on the record jacket cover are the Russian pianist Vladimir Sofronitsky and, on the right, Alexander Scriabin. And to the left of that album is Jimi Hendrix.

Gary is a vinyl fan as am I! And so is Guy. Guy has told me that Leonard's performance of Gershwin's Concerto in F changed his life.

Here is Howard singing with Guy.

Going to Gary's, even for half an hour, is like a mini-vacation. Look at the piano and you will see why.

Being buried in work it is relaxing and de-stressing just to look back on that evening. When your job or whatever gets to be too much, take this advice:

Buy a piano.

Buy some bottles of wine.

Put them on the piano.

Call your friends!

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