Thursday, April 11, 2013


 The Leonard Pennario Web log has been kind of erratic recently because my mom has been sick. She was in hospital for a little bit. That is how I am going to say it now, the British way, in hospital.

However! She is getting better now.

She is in rehab!

There is a lot of laughing about this. "She's hitting the heroin again?" one friend at work asked me.

There is also a lot of singing of the Amy Winehouse "Rehab" song. My mom sings it. Poor old Amy Winehouse, when they wanted her to go to rehab, she should have said yes, yes, yes. Perhaps she would still be among us.

Rehab is helping my mom. All of a sudden she has these busy days with physical therapy and occupational therapy and strength training and hardly any napping. When it is mealtime she is hungry and when it is bedtime she is sleepy.

I am also realizing how healthy she is. My mom is strong and looks young and has a lot going for her, one of which is she still has all her teeth and they are in great shape.

Nurses always comment on that. When they get to that question in the questionnaire, about the teeth, and my mom answers that all her teeth are hers, the nurses always stop and marvel.

"Not too many people your age can say that," they say.

And my mom always smiles and shows off her teeth.

She is Wonder Woman!

I hope I take after her.

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