Friday, March 22, 2013

Pig in the city

Yesterday morning it felt like Thanksgiving because I started cooking early in the morning.

I got up and while I was drinking my austere black Lenten coffee I put Arista in the oven!

Arista is, ahem, Tuscan roast pork loin. This was a pork loin I had gotten from Albrecht Discount. It roasts for not too long, but an hour and a half, longer than you will likely have after work.

This recipe works! It is by Bruce Aidells. It is easy. It is generous. I have pork to share with my mom and my brothers.

And it is perfect! You take the pork loin and rub it with herbs -- for once they give you measurements for dried herbs -- and olive oil. Then into the oven it goes and off you go to listen to Leonard Pennario or do whatever your little heart desires.

Just make sure you take it out of the oven when you are supposed to.

It is frustrating how many recipes are for pork tenderloin as opposed to pork loin. Pork loin is a wonderful roast. Isn't it funny how cooking magazines concentrate so predictably on the more expensive stuff? I realize pork tenderloin is faster but still. It is like the situation with fish recipes. Ninety percent of the recipes you see are for shrimp and scallops which are very expensive.

Why? What about swai?

But anyway. With this pork I was a winner. I keep thinking I should amass a Hall of Fame of perfect recipes that are easy and yet are impressive enough so that you could invite your friends over.

This would be on the list!

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