Monday, March 25, 2013

Do I hear a waltz?

Last night's Movie Night feature: Disney's "Cinderella."

I love the visuals in the waltz scene. When they go drifting over the footbridge, the water sparkling beneath them. "So this is love..."

Wait, was this movie for me or the kids?

The kids were patient and paid attention. We have made great strides in this department. Of course they loved the crazy mice. Our little Georgie, it was funny, at one point it looks as if Lucifer, the evil cat, has caught the one mouse, and Georgie just gasped.

Today it is funny, that song "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" was on my brain, and it was unfortunately on my brain in the nattering mouse version. The mice sing that song in a crazy, sped-up performance as they work on Cinderella's dress for the ball.

I do not want to post it lest it wind up on your brain! You do not want it there, trust me.

Listen to a waltz instead.

May we suggest...

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