Thursday, January 31, 2013

Planet Chocolate

After being down with a bug for a few days and then going to Toronto for a couple of days I at last got a taste of my normal life!

Which meant a taste of chocolate. I went to Albrecht Discount and bought dark bitter chocolate. Eighty-five percent cocoa we are talking.

I have a sweet tooth as Pennario did but I do like my chocolate bittersweet. And this chocolate is bitter rather than sweet. I cannot go into Aldi without buying it.

Once I was in Aldi not too long ago and the amount of Moser-Roth ...

... and Choceur chocolate I was buying actually gave the clerk pause! The Moser-Roth is from Germany and the Choceur is from Austria.

The clerk said: "Wow, you sure buy a lot of chocolate."

And I got defensive!

I said, "Ahem, my mother and my husband both love this chocolate and I have to buy it for them!"

It is true. They are like drug addicts! They need their fix.

But now looking back I kind of treasure that memory.

"Wow, you sure buy a lot of chocolate."

Everyone should be told that it least once in your life!

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