Friday, April 6, 2012

The Easter feaster

I went to Albrecht Discount and bought most of my Easter groaning board.

We are talking ham AND lamb.


Aldi is good for both items. They always have good and well-priced hams. Because it is a German chain they love their smoked meats at Aldi, do they.

Asparagus was sold out. That's OK, my mom said she was sick of asparagus anyway. I keep cooking asparagus because I love it and now is the time. But I got two big cauliflowers. I have an mind a cauli casserole with cheddar cheese. Good for Thanksgiving or Easter. Cauliflower is one of my favorite things.

I also got salad fixings. And I will make pie crusts because my teenage nieces are going to be coming over to do Easter baking. Tomorrow I may add to my spread. We shall see.

I got Austrian dark chocolate for my mom. You should see the Easter chocolate at Aldi. All kinds of chocolate from Germany and Austria. Eggs, bunnies ...

... and there is this Moser Roth chocolate, like something Gustav Mahler would buy ...

... for Alma, after one of their fights. You gain weight just walking in the door!

But you take off the weight packing up your items. I was dragging these big bags around the store with everyone looking at me pityingly. Huge, heavy items were in my bags, including that big ol' ham and a gallon of milk.

What made me smile was the ceremonial annual buying of the Half and Half.

I drink my morning coffee black during Lent. I know you are not supposed to mention your sacrifices but mine is so pathetic next to the stuff other people give up that what is the difference. Honest, I can just see Christ rolling His eyes. "Mary. Black coffee. I mean, seriously."

But I hate black coffee! Except under certain circumstances, by which I mean after dinner sometimes, with a rich dessert. Early in the morning, in Pennario's bathrobe, working on my book, I like that coffee with cream and sugar. I crave it. I know this will not win me points with St. Peter but still.

So I was delighted to see a few cartons of Half and Half left. You are mine, baby! You are mine!

Emerging from the store my happy haze evaporated because of a boom car sitting outside.

Some schuft was apparently waiting for his woman to come out of the store. He had the SUV parked at the curb, all open so you could hear the stereo. And it was this loud, nasty rap! With the F word. The MF word. Everything imaginable! I wanted to call the cops, you know?

The checkout gal at Aldi had told me it was a zoo because it was Easter plus the first of the month. But this is unbelievable.

I mean, it is Good Friday!

Sometimes I worry about the world and this was one of those times.

Oh well. Back in the car I brightened. It was the presence of that Half and Half. The Aldi brand is Happy Farms. Suits me! I am one happy camper.

Or I will be, come Sunday.

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