Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I leave them open-mouthed

I had to give a talk tonight after this dinner and it was fun other than that these two people at this front table right under my nose began yawning when I had said only three words.

My first three words!

Was I that boring??

I had never dealt with that before, amazing considering the situations I wind up in. And I regret to say this but it threw me off horribly. I get up and give talks without too many notes and normally it never makes me nervous. But this time I was invited to talk about something I do not usually talk about, I was talking about the Buzz column I write for The Buffalo News -- and let us not forget the Buzz Blog -- and I found myself going in circles, seeing these same two people at that front table yawning and looking around the room.

Ay yi yi! I made myself look away from them and at everyone else. Everyone else was great. This was a smart crowd. They loved classical music so I talked about that in addition to the Buzz.

I did work in a few mentions of Leonard Pennario. I do not think any of them had heard of him. Well, now they have! Which will be good when I get this book done.

It is fun to look up "yawn" on Google images.

Wow, I am getting sleepy just looking at all these yawns.

Next time I can't sleep, I know what to do!

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