Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend at Wegmans

For some reason over the last few days  I have been spending a lot of time at Wegmans.

It started when Howard and I were going to dine on lobster to celebrate our anniversary and shrewdly, I noticed the lobster at Tops was $14.99 a pound, while at Wegmans it was just $7.99.

So I went to Wegmans. And then I just kind of stayed there.

You know how in "A Chorus Line" someone sings, "Life was beautiful at the ballet?" That is like Wegmans. Life is beautiful at Wegmans.

The piles of pedigreed cheese. The department of exotic mushrooms. The baking aisle. It is good for you just to walk through the place!

Plus, I signed up for my Shopper's Club card. I thought I had had one before but apparently I didn't. I think I lost it when I was in California with Leonard, that is how long ago I had it. I was rewarded today for my scatterbrained-ness. They gave me a new card and on top of that, two coupons. I got a free Basting Oil and a free Shopping Bag.

The Basting Oil ...

... retailed at $5.99. So, nice freebie!

Something about Wegmans kind of bugs me. It is that the shoppers are aggressive and competitive. The women are all fashionable in those new knee-high boots we are all supposed to be wearing, and the knee-high boots make them stride about like storm troopers. Also there is the noise of the carts clattering over the cobblestones. It gets everyone keyed up.And there are lots of couples in Wegmans, kind of posing.

Remember my experience going to get those hoagy rolls?

When you are in the right mood though Wegman's is funny. It can make you giggle. Today  I saw this woman striding through with this cart just overflowing with stuff. I just smiled at the sight of her. I could not help it. There was just all this stuff piled in her cart and she was making her way so aggressively through the aisles of customers.

I smiled at her and she couldn't help it, she smiled too. At how ridiculous she looked.

Of course everyone looks a little ridiculous at Wegmans.

It is part of the fun!

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