Monday, October 18, 2010

Adventure at Wegmans

The other day I was having some friends over and making cassoulet. It required some hard-to-find things and so I found myself going to Wegmans.

I know Wegmans is a great store and is run by great people who donate to good causes and treat their employees well. But still. But still.

That store is a challenge!

I have gotten too used to the Broadway Market and the Clinton-Bailey Market and when I go to Wegmans I am like this visitor from another century. The place seems strange to me. Everyone is so aggressive there! The carts clatter over the tiles and noise blares from the sound system and everyone rushes at you. One time when I was reduced to going to Wegmans for something I hesitated just for a moment in front of the bread and roll display. I just had never seen it before and I was looking for hoagy rolls for my cooking club.

As I stood there -- and we are talking maybe five seconds -- this woman in black pants elbowed me out of the way and grabbed something. It was like being in France and not knowing your way around.

The other day, trying to make sense of the meat department, I thought: I wish I could charter Wegmans for myself for an hour the way the Queen of England used to charter Harrods. She would get Harrods to herself just to go shopping for Christmas presents. Perhaps she still does! I think I would enjoy Wegmans without all the people in it. Just me and all that pasta and cheese. And I could put Leonard Pennario on the sound system!

It is fun to think what store you would charter like the Queen of England chartering Harrods.

If I could choose just one Wegmans would not be my top choice. My top choice would be different.

It would be Dollar Tree! Because I would like to shop there for an hour without people getting in my way.

Shopping without oiks and schufts!


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