Friday, December 14, 2012

The Mayor drops in

Howard was playing at the Statler tonight and the Mayor was there. I took the above picture of Howard and  the Mayor, Byron Brown.

I take good pictures!

I mean look at the composition of this one. You have the piano in the foreground, the planter on the right, and in the background there are those steps, and that painting. It all fits in!

It is fun to live in Buffalo because you know the mayor. I could go up to him and ask him if we could declare a certain day Leonard Pennario Day and he might not say yes but at least he would listen to me. That is a most excellent thing in a public servant and not something you see every day.

After Howard got through playing at the Statler we went to my office party. The Newspaper Guild at The Buffalo News has an annual Christmas party and that is where we went. It was at the Pearl Street Brewery. We walked because it was just as easy as finding a parking space. On the way home the walk seemed shorter. The walk home always seems shorter plus I was enjoying a big candy cane.

That is one thing I love about the Christmas season, candy canes.

It is funny, in my missal, I read that the Christmas season does not start until Dec. 25. But we kind of dive into it early. I like candy canes and cookies and today I was on Spotify assembling a Christmas play list.

Tomorrow I am thinking I will get my tree.

I will have to go by the grouchy place on Kenmore.

It is time!

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