Sunday, December 11, 2011

A tree grows in Buffalo

This weekend has been a very Advent weekend, what with the "Rorate Mass" I went to Saturday at St. Ann's Church, and then the Gospel today, all about St. John the Baptist shouting in the desert to prepare the way of the Lord.

So today I chose a Christmas tree!

I went between Budway's and going to my mom's. There is this garden place on Kenmore Avenue where I go every year. They are always crabby and not at all in the Christmas spirit and they do not offer a good deal but so what, my life being what it is, I am grateful that I can just pick up a tree between errands.

So I went and as is my custom I picked out the tree in about five minutes. Throw it in the trunk, boys.

As is the staff's custom at this garden place, nobody cracked a smile. Not even when I said how wonderful the tree had been that I had bought from them last year. How it did not lose one single needle even with me forgetting to water it for weeks on end.

No smile. No "Merry Christmas."

Hahahahaaaa! I made sure I said "Merry Christmas" just so I would look like this idiot.

I got that tree home later on and unlike last year I was kind of prepared. I had a stand I bought at a garage sale last summer. Except Howard said the stand was made for a bigger tree. Well, he got it into the stand more or less, me standing there holding it and apologizing for its poor fit. If it is not one thing with me and trees, it is another. The tree is too big or too little. Its trunk is too fat or too thin. And another thing, no stand works completely well. With this stand, one of the screws is frozen and does not turn.

I would not mind buying a new stand except they are never to be had in the stores this time of year.

So. We jerry rig. We improvise, like Leonard Pennario. Well, not quite as gracefully as Leonard Pennario. But we get through it!

I take time out from my travails to enjoy the season.

The "Rorate Caeli" is a chant I love.

And Oscar Peterson is a pianist I love.

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